Choosing the Best Career for Future

  • By Administrator
  • 11 August 2020

Sitting in a nice restaurant, sipping your favourite coffee or all broke in your college playground wondering at what place in life you stand, what is it that keeps you going, where will you be in the near future, or are you even happy with what you are doing in your life? 

Well, it happens to almost everyone at some point in life, where they stop for a second and it hits them hard regarding where their life is going when it comes to having a secure future. 

“Quit your job and travel the world”, hearing this you stand there, disgusted to the gut, all dumbstruck, thinking how stupid of a thing it is to say to someone who does not have money, a career, a well-paying job, or means to fulfil their dreams. 

Difference between job and a career

Here lies a fine line between a career and a job that needs to be understood when it comes to making the right decision, choosing a top career for future.

Well, a job is what you can get with or without proper educational background and you can even excel in what you are doing but with a hook and crook. Whereas, a career encompasses a whole lot of experience, interests, likes and dislikes, the personality of an individual, and other external factors like economy and finances. 

Let’s see what would you need to have the personal satisfaction and better salary opportunities concerning your work, for instance, entering in a human resources department? 

Educational degree in HR!

However, you can pursue a job in retail sales without any proper educational background. You can perfectly excel in your job with some diploma and gradual learning from experiences. There are a lot of students who start working before completing their educational degree. 

Even if you are still not clear about what creates a difference between a job and a career, here is it in the simplest of the words;

A job is seen as a means to an end, you might take any job that is available at the moment to pay bills, debts, or earn some cash or save money for your needs. Whereas, a career is something you choose with proper planning, keeping your sense of personal enjoyment, satisfaction, or interest or maybe even something you like to do and takes it as a passion. 

Why is it important to choose the right career?

Imagine ending up in a job that pays off well but you do not like what you are doing?

Half of your energy will be wasted in hating the job, whereas half of it will affect your performance. You will never be able to give your 100% to it.

Have you ever thought of answering your concerns while choosing the best career? It is obvious that you must not have thought of it because the problem lies in the fact that people do not put enough effort and proper counselling in choosing the right career, which they must. 

Does it really matter to add additional effort and time in choosing the right career when you can get various jobs in every profession? 

Sounds interesting to have a secured job, when a lot of people are unemployed and there are fewer jobs, but having a wrong job is as distressing as having none. 

Yes, it is!

Here are some of the reasons why you need proper counselling while choosing a successful career

  • It will lead you to much greater heights in terms of success.

  • You will give better performance when you are happy and content with your work.

  • You will take challenges as new opportunities to polish yourself and make some difference rather than taking it as a tiresome piece of work that needs to be done.

  • Pursuing the right career will motivate you to secure a better position at work rather than just a handsome paycheck.

  • Finding a job in the right career will help you in enhancing your skills and grow exponentially with time, whereas, when it comes to a regular job, it is nothing more than a 9 to work that you have to get done with.

  • You will be able to understand what, when, where, and how you can grow and improve yourself.

  • Pursuing your dream career changes your attitude towards the work you are doing. For instance, you will be able to find something meaningful in every task.

  • It provides you with work and personal life balance, which helps in giving superior performance. 

  • Once satisfied with the career you will be able to see new opportunities and ways to go for with a clear mind, knowing what works best for you.

You must have had a second thought on why is it important to go for the right career instead of working without a purpose. Big fat paychecks may feel good in the start but eventually, it will lose its charm with time. 

Well, as you are well aware of whats and whys of the right career, now comes the most important of everything, what is the right career for me?

It all starts with choosing the right educational field when we talk about choosing the top career for future. 

Seems too late now? There is no need to fret over it even if you are past that stage or you are about to get started with choosing the right career path for yourself. There is always a chance to get on with the stuff if you are willing to make a difference. Overlooked by many, understood by some, career holds a rather meaningful connotation as compared to a job, but always leads to it one way or the other. 

What career is right for you?

There are some common thoughts that would cross your mind particularly if you are;

  • You are about to start your career

  • If you have been in a lot of jobs that do not satisfy you on the deeper level

  • You are not feeling content, even making a good amount of money.

  • You are planning on changing your job or career path on the whole.

Well, not good but a little bit relieving news is that you are not alone. Almost a third of the people in the US view their jobs as a “piece of work that needs to get done with”. It is not at all the right approach to carry on with your life as it will not only make you unhappy with your circumstances but also affect the performance of the company you are working for. 

You definitely do not want to get on a guilty ride for wasting your life in doing something that does not make you happy. 

So, if you are having a tough time figuring out what are the good career jobs or what career suits me, here are the key questions you need to ask yourself. 

How to choose a successful career path 

As a helpful guide, here are some of the solid pieces of advice from dozens of leaders and experts, who not only have faced the same problem but also have overcome the most overwhelming concern; what career should I go into, with great ease.  

  1. Understand four Ps

Career hunting starts at a very young age, which students have to understand. To make it worth your time, money, and effort it is crucial to get in touch with your 4 P’s… passion, personality, preferences, and principles. It seems trivial, but they are of great help in getting to know what you want in life when it comes to choosing the right career for yourself.

Let’s see how these 4 P’s are going to help you in making the right decision in a fun and a very light way. 

  • Passion 

You cannot simply “follow your passion” here as your sole instinct as it is important to find the best combination of a career that complements your passion as well as that is viable for you in the future. 

  1. Understanding your passion is as easy as knowing the other side of your weakness. For instance, if you are not into organizational work it is better to opt for a less structured and creative side of the work.

  2. Your inclination towards the type of work environment could be of great help in choosing the right career for yourself as if you are claustrophobic of working in closed spaces, it is better to get into a career that requires working outdoors. 

  3. If you are into reading, it could be of great help in choosing the right career for yourself. Try to focus on the areas of your interest and figure out what makes your the happiest. There are a lot of opportunities and career options regarding every topic, it is all up to you to understand what brings the spark in you. 

  4. Spending your leisure time is the biggest hint when it is about looking for what makes you happy and what is it that you are willing to invest your time in.

  5. You must never have thought of it, but you will be amazed to know that the type of work you volunteer for is the thing that brings the best out of you. 

Once you have shortlisted your passions and interest, it's time to make confirmation in terms of if this is any help for a viable future or not as if you remember what we talked about in the start is that  “follow your passion that fits in”. 

  • research - first and the foremost, do your homework before making a final decision. There are a lot of resources available in the libraries, internet, and magazines that can be of great help in understanding what passion of yours id has a greater scoop in terms of the right career that pays off well. 

  • Career assessment - career assessments and counselling is the best way to confirm your doubts and uncertainty about your concerns, interests, values, skill, and other misconceptions about the work you want to pursue in the future as your career. 

Do not forget that the right approach to finding a secure future is to start off choosing the right career or yourself. 

  • Personality 

Just like every other job, every person is different when it comes to personality. Some are more of working in free space without any supervision and limitations that could stop them from being creative and give their fullest. Whereas, some are more inclined towards working in a well-settled office workplace, which gives them a proper sense of a designated job.

The younger generations, these days are more aware of what they want to do in life because of the better opportunities and advanced social media and other resources. 

Why not then, make the most out of it by getting social and interacting with the people who are already into the field.

  • Preferences

Preferences are mostly technical. They are related to the physical entity of the workplace, such as type of work, the environment of the place, people who are working there, what your job description would be. These things will help you in choosing a career that offers a kind of environment you like to work in, explore, and push your limits to get at the top.


  • Principles 

Well, as much as other factors impact your decision, principles matter the most. It is something that you have to evaluate yourself.  For instance, what are you capable of, how much you can get out of your comfort zone to get the work done, are you interested in learning new things and are you even open to new ideas from various people, even if they are your rivals?

Tired of supplicating  “help me find the best career” from friends and family, yet cannot cut it when it comes to opting for the right career. Well, it is time to take control in your own hands and be the master of your own luck 

The projected growth of your career

Do not ever overlook the projection rate of the career as per the economy and other financial and political factors, such as growth rate of the business, job opportunities that are coming in the near future and will never face a recession any time soon. 


  • Find your sweet spot 

Everyone, some with a big fat paycheck, big cars, luxuries, expensive destination tips, and some have a nice house, a small family, and a content lifestyle is happy with what they have, but still there always remains a hole that keeps telling you that something is missing. 

Well, that is your sweet spot. It must overlap your passion with the organization you would like to work with in the future along with the worldly needs.  

  • Gain self-awareness

No one can ever tell you what is the best career for you and where in life you can excel and what is it that you cannot do. It all comes back to your self-awareness of what potential you have and are you capable of pushing your limits and coming out of your comfort zone to achieve what you desire the most?

What putting it in simple words, what is that particular thing you can go to any extent to get?

Millennials these days, have been told that everything is possible to achieve and be successful in life, but the problem arises that “everything” does not mean “anything”.

There must be a meaning or a purpose in it that leads to a successful career in the future.

We do not live in an ideal world, but reality, that demands a willingness to work that is required, acquire and master the necessary skills, or qualified assessment of the potential possibilities. 

Career test and career counselling 

No matter how much of a pro you are at research and surfing the internet, there is not the slightest chance that you will be able to find a career path that best suits your needs, requirements and the most important of all your interest. For that very purpose, there are career counsellors and career tests that can be of great help in clearing your mind and the concerns that keep creating confusion when it comes to choosing the right career.

Career tests

A career test or guidance is different from career counselling. The test will only let you find the career that suits you seeing the information you put into the form, but it will never be able to let you know what your inclinations are when it comes to life choices, interests, passion, and ease of work along with more chances to grow. 

Here also lies a difference between various careers tests that are available in the market, online, or at the consultants. They will only be useful to some extent if you are choosing it as per your needs and requirements, or else it will not be more than anything but a waste of time and effort. 

Types of tests

Aptitude test

These tests are designed to gauge your verbal, abstract, quantitative, mechanical, and technical or spatial problems or issues. They are nothing more than just some statistics to give you a better idea regarding what career options go best with your given description.

These tests offer you with; 

  • Career path test offers a list of career options

  • Variability of the jobs based on the skills and educational background.

  • Occupations that suit your mentioned information, not your personality based results, to be sure they will never be as per your personality.

Personality test

These tests are designed to assess your personality, instincts, inclinations, and likelihood of what a person sees himself as. They go to the deeper information related to your personality to offer you with;

  • They let you discover your areas of interest.

  • Gives you better insight into what is going on in the market that relates to your passion and also is beneficial for financial security.

  • Personality tests give you a whole frame of attention to what your values, strengths, weaknesses, and interests are. 

  • It aligns your interest with the possible career options that are available in the market.

  • They help in giving various views of the professions that let you make more comfortable on aligning your passion successfully with the dream job you want to pursue in the future. 

For instance, you can work as an assistance or sales marketing person. You can excel in it and can even make a good amount of money, but you will never be able to find inner satisfaction, for which it is important to keep aptitude and personality tests under consideration when it comes to choosing a career path and assessing your potential. 

Career counselling 

Ever wondered, what are some good careers or career counselling is, before getting into your educational or professional work field?

No, most of you would not have, not for yourself and not even for your coming generations. Career counselling has been mostly overlooked, which must not be, as it creates a huge difference in giving clarity of thought.

Career counselling is way different from the tests and other guidance that is offered usually. Career development actually starts at a very young age. It is a lifelong process, whether you know it or not. Career counselling influences your interests, ideas, thoughts, inclinations, abilities, values, personality, and every other factor that affects your personality and life on the whole. 

This process helps you in getting to understand yourself better along with the facts that come handy in getting to know how the world works in order to make a successful career. 

Career development is not about getting good career jobs or finding the best careers to get into; instead, it works towards the changes in the market, variations in job opportunities, and the scope of best careers for the next ten years or the twenty or so. Not only the guidance regarding the jobs but career counselling works towards the development of the personality and habits that are healthy when it comes to making life decisions and career choices as per needs and requirements.  

It does not focus on the short-term pathway but what challenges you can face in the future, how the trends change, what adversities you can face along the way, and where you need to take a step forward or backwards. 

Who needs to be career counselled?

Well, there is not a set limit or a specific list of people who can get career counselling but everyone needs to give it a shot once in a life, especially when they are going to choose their major, starting a college, or even if you are in the middle of a very successful business, yet not happy with what you are doing. It would not hurt getting counselling for your better career. 

Below are some of the concerns that bring students to better get career counselling before taking any major step towards education;

  • What major should I choose?

  • I have no idea what to study at college.

  • I know what to choose as a career, but it does not come in current career demand. 

  • What are the best careers that will always be in demand?

  • Are medical careers in demand for the future, or will I be restricted to a limited field?

These are some of the concerns students face before entering into a college, in fact, most of them never consider thinking about such concerns, which results in ending up with something that leaves them stranded in between choosing what they really like to do or what major or educational field will benefit them the most. 

When to start career counselling 

Mostly overlooked, but it is important to understand why, when, and how are you going to start your career. 

Knowing the difference and understanding of what career tests and what career counselling is, you can make a better decision. As counselling is more focused on your character, individuality and personal needs, and comfort level, rather than just compiling a random result based on information that you know is not what you actually want. 

It is better to start your career counselling at a very young stage of your life. Ideally, when a child is born, parents start implementing their choices on them, as a result, children always make wrong decisions or choose the career path that they do not want to.

Make sure not to clutter your mind with random advice and the success stories regarding how someone made an empire out of a particular career. It is totally understandable that one can make the best out of their job or the career, but what to understand is that every career is not the right career for everyone. 

Once you are sensible enough to make your own decision or at the very moment you taking something for a long time or you feel like doing something makes you happy, go for a counselling to make it all clear and mold your ideas or inclinations as per your personality to take it as one of the careers that will always be in demand.

Does career counselling really work (pros)

The biggest dilemma is that people do not pay heed towards proper counselling, which creates a huge difference in choosing current career demands in various fields. 

Your career counsellor will help you;

  • Figure out what you want to make out of your education.

  • What your goals are when it comes to choosing the most growing careers fields.

  • Help you identify the factors that affect your development as an independent individual, your abilities, potential, and other hidden talents that need to be polished with time.

  • They help you locate resources for career building.

  • Your counsellor will help you get through all the steps to develop a plan to achieve your goal as per your career requirement. 

  • A counsellor will help you understand how you can use your passion in a way through which you can make a career that pays 100K above

What they lack in (cons)

  • They will not give you a clear idea of what major you must go for to make your career that pays off well in life. 

  • Career counsellors will not give you or recommend a college career list to make your final decision. 

In the end, it is you who have to clear your mind, have adequate knowledge regarding what path to go for, and have a vivid idea of how you can turn your passion into a high paying job. 

How to find the right counsellor 

You will be seeing a lot of counsellors who offer personality career test, career counselling, and various career guidance test, but do not let yourself fool with the fancy names. There are some of the things that will help you find the right counsellor for your better evaluation and guidance. 

  • Qualified counsellors are the best way to go for as they have a better understanding of what they are doing rather than some diplomas who are not aware of what, why, when, and hows of what they are doing.

  • The secure and friendly environment creates a huge difference in understanding and making the best decision for yourself. For instance, you would never be able to clear your head if you are sitting at someplace that does not ensure your mental peace and calmness.

  • Trust and confidence is the key to get in a secure and trusted relationship with your counsellor. The more they are friendly, understandable, and adaptable as per your personality, the better you will be able to share your concerns, doubts, and insecurities. 

Why do you need career counselling? 

The problem starts when you think you know everything and there is no need to get help. There is no harm in getting help from an expert as they will benefit you in various ways, like;

  • Help pick the right career 

  • Provide expert resources to carry on with the process

  • Offer insight on the best careers for the next ten years, growing career fields, career salary listing, most paying career opportunities, and much other technical information that is otherwise impossible to acquire.

  • They help in changing the unwanted behaviour patterns that keep you lingering between choosing the right major or career before entering college. 

  • Motivation is the key to keep going in whatever you are doing in life. Professional counsellors offer you real-life role models who made the best out of their education and passion. 

  • Stability in thoughts plays an important role in knowing what you want to do in future when it comes to choosing the right career or opting for an educational field. If you keep hopping from one idea or passion to another it will become hard for you to go for the current career demands.

  • Offers a landscape of employment information, such as industry trends, employment statistics, and salary exceptions that goes perfectly well with your area of interest.

  • They help refine your resume and make you feel more confident in what you want to do in life without burdening yourself with a work that does not give you any personal satisfaction. 

Types of career

Depending on your career needs and end goals, there are a lot of job opportunities available in the market that will perfectly go with your career choice along with the passion you want to pursue in future.

Besides that, looking at the educational degree and background you can look for jobs that give you personal satisfaction along with a career that pays 100K above

What a win-win situation!

To make it easier for you we have categorized the best careers in the world depending on various factors, such as;

  • Most paying career

  • In-demand career

  • Fieldwork career

  • Office work career

  • A career that pays 100k above

  • A career that combines your passion and work

To be honest what option do you think seems logical to the mind?

A career that combines your passion is the way to make significant changes in your life or 9 to 5 regular job, which is nothing more than something you get done with.

Obviously, the latter is what you all need to go for. 


It is all about seeing things optimistically, looking around for what is trending, and is highly in demand. Along with these, there are a lot of recession-proof jobs that will never let you starve. For instance, if your priority is just a good salary and you do not care about what your passion is, you can choose the right career as per;


  • Medical careers in demand for the future

  • Technology

  • Financial services

  • Technical jobs

  • Business services career

  • Sales jobs

  • Consulting

  • Engineering jobs

  • Middle management career 


  • Software developer

  • Accountant

  • Statistician

  • Dentist

  • Nurse practitioner

  • Speech-language pathologist

  • Psychologist

  • Web developer

  • Market research analyst

  • Lawyer

  • Media and art direction

These are some of the careers that will always be in demand no matter what the economical and political situations are. 

Salary (best paying jobs)

Looking for a most paying career?

Something that gives you personal satisfaction and also lifetime security when it comes to finances, here are some best paying jobs;

  • Software development manager

  • Corporate controller

  • Physician assistant

  • Enterprise architect

  • Pharmacist

  • Financial advisor

  • Real estate agent

  • Athlete

These are some of the jobs that give you a 6 figure salary without any doubt. 

Top three best paying jobs

  • Anesthesiologist

  • Surgeon

  • Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon

Jobs that pay $100K annually without a degree

Reaching your income goal can be hard if you are not passionate about getting a proper educational degree, which can be because of any reason, there is still a possibility to make $100K annually, but it is not a path that everyone can take. For instance; 

  • Artists

  • Musicians

  • Acting

  • Dancing

  • Choreographing and many more such career options could easily reach your income goal. 

Odd one out; career opportunity

Have you ever thought of taking gaming as a career?

If not yet, here is how it is broader than just software development and animation. 

There are a lot of career counsellors that use their students' interest in gaming in building a successful and high paying career, which makes it easier and more fulfilling for students to make a better living.

Gaming has created a lot of opportunities for the younger generation to make a successful career. For instance, if you have been playing way too much of SIMCITY, city planning or construction might be a path for you. 



In the end, it is only you who can make the best decision for yourself. These career tests and counsellings will only help you with thinking clearly when it comes to knowing available options, resources, growth rate, and other technical job-related queries, leaving the rest on you. 

Once career counselling takes your personality traits and personal interests into account, you will be in a better position to choose the best career option that is available at that time. 

The thing that matters the most is to live a life without any regrets. Once you have chosen a particular career, stick to it, try to improve your skills, find out better options to polish your current skills and carer rather than switching between whatever you see someone else doing and succeeding at it, because every person is different and it is not necessary that one job gives the same benefit to everyone. For instance, someone makes the best coffee, whereas another person excels at making the best tea. 


  1. What career makes the most money?

An anesthesiologist is one of the best paying jobs in the world because of its demand and doctorate educational background. It gives you more than $200,000 annually. 

  1. What are the best career choice options available?

Depending on the interest there are unlimited career options available if you have the potential to learn, grow, and polish your skill as per the requirement and changes over time. 

  1. What is the right time to start considering your career choice?

Everyone, especially parents, needs to understand that career counselling must start from a very young age, but if you have not been ever counselled properly, the right time to start career counselling is right before entering into the college or choosing your major. 

  1. What is the difference between a career and a profession?

Making it as simple as possible, career encompasses job, business, personality traits, work ethics, and long-term character building, whereas, a profession is an occupation a person works in having a good knowledge and expertise in offering required services to the company. 

  1. What do you actually mean by career counselling?

It is a gradual process that helps you in understanding yourself, your passion, and the world of the work opportunities, environment, and education, which helps in choosing the best major or career path for yourself. 

  1. Why is it important to have adequate career counselling?

Where it seems you know everything, there are a lot of things that remain in the dark unless you get professional help. Career counselling opens up doors to new opportunities. It gives you technical insight on what jobs are in demand, what career path will always be in demand, or how the trends change over time and how to deal with them in the time of crisis.

  1. Are college career counsellors any good?

Talking on a whole, generally, college careers counselling is not proved to be the most effective as 50% of the college students say they do not even use their counselling centres. 61% of the students say that their college career centres did not help them choose the right career path as college career counselling focuses on the group of students, but not individual, which is proved to be ineffective in counselling each individual as per their needs, requirements, personality, and interests. 

  1. How effective are online career aptitude tests in making the right career choice?

These tests measure just one or two aspects of a person ignoring other important factors like personality, personal traits, interests, adaptability, and compatibility, which does not give 100% of the accuracy. It is always better to go for counselling in person so that you will be able to get to the root cause of the problem.

  1. How to look for the most interesting career?

Depending mostly on your passion, you can look for careers that will always be in demand, by considering your interests, what you like to do, how do you spend your free time, what makes you happy, are you an introvert or an extrovert, or do you like travelling or would like to work in an office workspace. 

  1. Where can I find the best career quiz online?

Being the most searched query on internet, here are some of the most accurate and the best career sites that will help you in some ways choosing the right career for yourself;

  • 123 career test


  • PathSource 

  1. What are the fastest-growing career fields?

Career opportunities keep changing with time as per the needs, requirements, and economy of that time. Seeing the growth rate of the needs and requirements the most fastest-growing careers are;

  • Nurse practitioner

  • Physical therapists assistants

  • Home health aides

  • Statisticians

  • Personal care aides

You can also get some help from career research websites if you are not sure of what to go for and what not to. 

  1. How accurate a free career test is?

Taking the first and the last test from top 10 career tests available online and studying other reviews, we have concluded to the result that these tests lack in somewhat relevant information, have no particular difference, restricted in terms of available options to choose an answer from, and lack in considering all the aspect of a person's life. 

  1. What is the top-paying career?

As per the reports and the data that has been collected, anesthesiologists hit the top of the list with approximately $267,020 annual income. 

  1. Can I change my career later in the phase of study?

It is never too late to change your career at any stage of life. It does not matter if you are already successful in what you are doing, if it is not making you happy and is not fulfilling your inner thirst to pursue your passion, you will never be able to feel satisfied with what you are doing. 

With the right career counselling and adequate financial support, you can always start a new career.

But… it is important to measure all the possibilities and the probabilities of what could be more beneficial and worth the effort in the long run for midlife career change ideas.

  1. Where can I find the best career specialist?

There are a lot of ways to find the best career specialist. Look for the most authentic resources like customers reviews, ask friends and family, or seek help from your college career counselling centres when it comes to finding the best career counsellor. 

  1. What is an ideal career to sit back and earn?

A bit tricky but not impossible. If you are planning to get your career work for you in place of you working for your career, go for the career that does not demand traditional working hours, office work, non-stop calls, deadlines, and pending tasks. For instance, choose something that is more of life than work, such as, food critic, professional gamer, or ethical hacker. 

  1. What is the difference between a career and a profession?

Answering that, a profession is a defined occupation for which a skilled and trained person is required to provide the desired services to the others, for instance, doctorate, engineer, and teaching etc. are professions that require the well-designed educational background to qualify. Whereas, a career encompasses all the businesses, jobs, work, and projects that are performed by an individual in its life. A career involves likes, dislikes, interests, personality traits, financial and economical factors along with the educational background and professional degrees a person holds. 

  1. Are careers. based on personality?

Not to say particularly that careers are based on personality, but excelling in developing a successful career surely is based on the personality. Putting it in simple words; you will work harder and will overcome the hurdles more easily if you are doing what you love and your field of study is as per your personality, such as, some people like to work in quiet and closed spaces, whereas, others like to go for field and technical work as per their personal traits that define their behavior.